Take it How You Want

March 1, 2010
"Love" is not a word to be thrown around. It is a word to describe many feelings for many things, but DO NOT throw this around at people.

"I LOVE this pizza!"
Material possessions

Yes, you love that pizza! How else are you going to describe such an awesome taste!? Or smell, for that matter? What else is there to describe something you are very fond of? It "rocks" "rules" or "is the best"? HA! You're funny!? We have to say love for some reason.

That's not all that bad. I know. Just settin myself up for the next part.

To Aunt: "I love you, too."
Family love

There Is nothing like family, no matter what you say! Even if you sit there and tell yourself that you hate your father, or you despise your mother, you still have love for them. Family love is the strongest kind of love out there. All of you out there who think "Ha! This kid's nuts! I just met the best girl/guy in the world!", that's good for you. I can't tell you what to think, but know you're wrong.

"I love you, man." "Love you, too!"
Friendly love

You love your friends and will always love them no matter what anyone says. There are a few exceptions to the family love rule.
1.) This friend practically became part of your family because of all the time they spend at your house.
2.) You move in with your friend because your parents weren't able to keep you, or kick you out.
Anything other than that, Family love is still number one.

"Sara, I love you." "Keith, I love you."
The only kind of love left

This is the kind of love that everyone will get depressed over when that other person leaves. The kind of love that, when you're in the back of the workplace, doing some last minute clean up, you stop what you're doing and think. "Man, I miss her/him." You go back to try to finish what you started, but you can't focus enough to even be able to breath right.
This is the kind of love that will have you running around the world for this one person. The one kind of love that will hurt you forever if it ends.

This is the kind of "Love" you don't throw around.

You get to know someone and find out you really like this person. You two get very close very fast and later on you find out one of you has been lying for a few months. But, you already threw the word "love" in there so you do your best to try to keep it working.
To do that, to stay with someone that isn't any good for you, will either hurt you or that other someone. Many people will use those words, not knowing the meaning of them. "I love you"
But that other person may not be so stupid as to ignore the meaning of them.

To throw these words around is like trying to find a piece of hay in a needle stack. You'll eventually find the hay, but at what price? Yes, you can take your time and sort through the needles, but what about the other person that throws it at you? What happens then?

Those three simple words can make and break the world.

Take it How You Want
It doesn't bother me

You may not care about a thing I just said, or even comprehend what I am trying to say, but let me leave you with this.
The last pedal on the flower will stay there as long as it can. You can feed it to make it last longer. You can fertilize it to make it live a false life. OR you can let it run it's course and fall off soon after the other. When the last pedal falls, you're probably going to get another flower. Eventually you'll get so used to this flower that you'll know when that last pedal will fall. You'll know when the time comes to feed it. You'll know what you can do to make it last longer.
Does the flower love you because you feed it? Does the flower return the love that you gave it throughout its life?

Think about it the next time you go to tell someone that you love them. If it's family, go for it. If it's a friend, go for it. But if it's someone special, someone that you know you could be with, think about how you would feel if they threw that on you.

Take it How You Want

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denice said...
Jun. 13, 2010 at 2:21 pm
i know what you mean i really enjoyed this artical. this is the second one i have read by you and i have really enjoyed it keep up the great work. :)
BeforetheStorm replied...
Jul. 14, 2010 at 12:32 am
Heh. Thank you, but I kinda used  this a journal. I just took some personal experiences and put out my thoughts. I have a lot more that I was going to put up on here, but I decided not to, due to the fact that it had to do with a past relationship, gone totally wrong.
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