Freedom at Lunch

March 1, 2010
By Shoshana M BRONZE, Frankfort, Illinois
Shoshana M BRONZE, Frankfort, Illinois
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School Official,

To exist without freedom is unthinkable to the adults of this country, but to most of the world freedom is only a dream never to be seen in their life times. Only forty six percent of the entire world has freedom. This country is built upon freedom. Wasn’t freedom the intention of our founding fathers when they wrote the Declaration of Independence? Wasn’t the wanting of freedom what made Thomas Jefferson write that famous declaration? Just as Thomas Jefferson wrote representing the thirteen colonies, today I am writing to represent the student body of Summit Hill Junior High.
The majority of us put up with all the school rules, so why do you try to punish us all for what only a small percentage does wrong? We all make mistakes in our lifetime. Even you, an intelligent school official, can probably think of one or two mistakes you have made. Not just regular mistakes but mistakes you have made because of your dignity. That’s the kind of mistakes the minority of our student body made during study hall. So why make the majority of the people, who read their books or study for their tests or even just do their homework, sit in alphabetical order? What does that prove, that you are ruthless and in a higher rank?
How about the students who don’t even come to study hall? Some of us are regularly helping Mrs. Noonan in the library. Some of us are also out helping the guidance councilor, Mrs. Madonia, with future projects to improve our community. Even more of us are involved in groups to help prepare for our futures as good citizens. All these things are happening while some just meet with teachers for extra academic help. Why punish all these students? Most of us just want to help ourselves improve as people during the time of study hall, but when we come back there is silent lunch and we learn we will be punished for what the minority has done.
As a concerned part of the majority and one who uses study hall to improve myself I am amazed that you even would consider this punishment in a country that is free. How can you say you are part of a free country when you try to take the freedom from its youngest citizens? To quote our sixteenth president, “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.”- Abraham Lincoln. Do the right thing don’t punish the innocent.

-Concerned Students

The author's comments:
This was a problem we were having at school and it made me really think

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