The Bermuda Triangle: Real Or Not?

March 5, 2010
By annieray BRONZE, Washoe Valley, Nevada
annieray BRONZE, Washoe Valley, Nevada
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Ships and planes have traveled through this area and have mysteriously disappeared. Only the lucky ones have made it through. Is it a black hole? A hurricane? Maybe extraterrestrial activity? These are the questions people have been asking themselves for a century. Not many facts are known about this so called mysterious “ Devil’s Triangle“, “Triangle of Death” or as most like to call it… The Bermuda Triangle. I believe it’s real, do you?

There are some people that believe that the Bermuda Triangle does not exist; then there are the others like me who do. Disappearances have been happening in this area that stretches from the coast of Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico all the way to Bermuda and back therefore forming a triangle. The first reported disappearance was back in late 1800’s and the most recent one was supposedly in 2007. There have been 10 main theories and they also came up with more but still none have been proven. The theories are that there is a downed 11,000 year old comet that lies beneath the triangle, some think that pirates are responsible, the triangle is filled with methane hydrates which are methane gas bubbles which are flammable, a time vortex or a “electronic fog”, and government testing, Also maybe UFO’s/Aliens, Atlantis the lost underwater city, messed up magnetic fields, crazy weather, or Human Error/ Pilot Disorientation.
From these theories there is not really an obvious answer to the disappearances because they are so different from each other. I do not know which one I believe but I do believe that there is something strange going on in that area because how else could you explain what’s happening?

One of the main, most discussed stories of the Bermuda Triangle is the mystery of Flight 19 on December 5th, 1945. Flight 19 was a group of 5 torpedo Avenger Bombers who were on a training mission. They were scheduled to leave their destination which was from Fort Lauderdale, Florida at 2:00 pm. It was a completely clear, sunny day when they left. It was all going normal until about an hour later one of the pilot calls to another pilot for their location because the pilot couldn’t tell where they were at anymore. The pilot replied saying his compasses were not working and couldn’t tell where he was either then his voice faded out but the instructor heard the conversation replied and told them that they should just continue west, and then there was never any reply back from the pilots. But some confusion happened after this. An instructor found the area of which Flight 19 which was 150 miles north of the Bahamas and heard pilots talking about getting home. This happened 2 hours later at 5:50 pm and the flight still had an hour worth of fuel to fly but it was within this hour that they disappeared and were never seen or heard from ever again. Years after this happened, people started the whole UFO/ Aliens theory and that was what everyone thought had happened to Flight 19. But still to this day, they have found not even a drop of remains from the incident along with all the other disappearances.

Flight 19 was not the only disappearance; in fact there have been quite a few such as the story of the Mary Celeste. The Mary Celeste was a 280-ton sailing ship. No one is surely positive that this disappearance was linked to the Bermuda Triangle but it was reported to be near. The Mary Celeste had a total of 11 people on board at the time if departed which included the Captain, his wife, their daughter and a crew of eight men. The ship was found moving “strangely through the water” but had no sign of damage at all. This ship was found by another ship and when they found it, the captain sent a group onboard to examine it and there was no one on the ship. Sources say that the stove was still on with something cooking, the daughter’s toys were found lying around the room, the cargo was completely untouched, and there was still a full supply of food and supplies aboard the ship which clearly showed that there were no thieves of pirates involved. They say that this ship had been sailing for around aimlessly for about 10 days with no one steering it due to the slight tears in the sails. This ship was followed a number of other ships that had disappeared also.

On January 27, 1948, a British airliner named Star Tiger departed from London to Bermuda. The plane soon left and made a pit stop in Lisbon, Portugal for a checkup and then the next morning it left continuing its flight. It now made another stop in Azores to get a weather report. There was said to be strong winds across the Atlantic so the captain decided to wait till it was safe to leave. Soon the Star Tiger took off and had said that its arrival time to Bermuda should be around 5:00am. Following its departure, an operator radioed the plane and there was no reply so he tried again and still no reply so the operator sent out a “state of emergency” which sent out search planes. 25 planes had joined in the search and after five days there still was nothing to be found. It was like it vanished in the sky. This plane still had sixteen hours worth of fuel left and its last recorded location was completely calm weather. And what makes it even stranger is that there was never even a call for help.
There have been countless reports of vanishing ships and planes and still no one has a proven fact for what has been happening. But there also has been close encounters in which the people survived. One saying that he experienced an odd trance traveling through the triangle and some had all their equipment fail and suddenly have a ton of issues with their plane or ship. There even was a witness who said they saw a “plane in flames overhead” and then twenty minutes later, the same witness ship reported that they heard an explosion but even then, there was nothing found.

I understand what these people are thinking and maybe it could just be someone at fault but I still think that there is something going on that is mysterious and mind boggling. Some people don’t believe that the Bermuda Triangle exists at all because some say it’s just the operator or the captain’s fault and there have been plenty of disappearances in other places. “There is no reason why so many ship and planes are lost in the same area”-Anonymous. I agree with that quote is saying because right now there really is no reason for all these ship and planes disappearing. There isn’t even much scientific evidence to go off of because even scientists are puzzled.

I, myself, don’t even have much of a clue. Just like Vincent Gaddis said “This…limited area is the scene of disappearances that total far beyond the laws of chance”. I’m not trying to make anyone believe that there for sure is mysterious, paranormal activity going on in the Bermuda Triangle but maybe they might believe in one thing and not the other such as the paranormal activity to natural disasters. It for them to decide for themselves until someone proves it real or not.

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