Tank Girl and Zombieland: America's Views on Post-Apocalyptic Life

March 5, 2010
Media has always influenced the common persons views in every aspect of life. The media is the source that most ideas come from; one of the most influential types of media is both visual and audible, and it appeals to a person in many ways. This form of media is the movies. There is an obvious effect that the movies have on a human’s mind, seeing as movies contain a large pool of knowledge, fact, and opinion. What can be received through movie is an extremely vast pool of knowledge to which the consumer interoperates in their own way. This is exactly what happens with post-apocalyptic theories. Both of the movies, Tank Girl and Zombieland, portray the post-apocalyptic world as a desolate places with little hope. Most modern Americans don’t believe that there will be an apocalypse, at least not in their time; however, this does reflect the views of people who do believe, especially those who believe in the 2012 doomsday predictions.

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