Then and Now

February 27, 2010
We walked, backs nimrod straight. Our bodies covered in tight corsets that played with each graceful curve. Hair piled heavily high above our heads. Soft scents float through the air as we strolled along. The men would open our doors and tip their hats, giving us the politest and softest touch, and we'd thank them with a delicate laugh, and a sweet smile. We were precious gifts from God.
We sway now, hips swinging from side to side. Pants hang low on your curves, but painfully tight everywhere else. Hair loose and flowing in the polluted air of the city. The hair covers the heavy makeup that disguises every imperfection. We wear shirts so low, cleavage is bursting out with every open-mouthed breath. Thick perfume chokes the air behind us. Men whistle, and shout disrespectful things, but we do absolutely nothing about it. They reach out to us, inappropriate touching, and we gift them with a peek of breast, or caress of leg. We are simply meat, and there's always more where that came from.

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