Venus & Apollyon

February 27, 2010
By , Gardendale, AL
.......Its been days since ive last eaten, and im beginning to fantasize abour the things that i desire; as an instinct, but try to hold myself back; as a caution. It is because i believe that greatness will soon fall along with my detainment from such pleasures that i presently seek. My lord will soon offer me his hand, and i shall grasp it, like a loving mother grasps her bleeding son.

Today i was approached by a human, she greeted me, in a such random unexpected action. I saw something withen those few seconds of her greeting. I saw myself years ago,before i endured my change. When i dident know about the world, but the world surley knew of me. I saw myslef hiding from the truth about the world, now i see how carelss, selfish and pathetic they all are. The girls greeting further convinced me, to always know, and to always tell. To always...heed others actions so that they may mirror upon me, therfore, as i walk race through the shadows of time, i shall heed no light, I shall smite my winds of words at my enemies, so that they may fear me, wherever and whenever my winds may blow. If a tear was to fall from my infinite face, it shall never dry, because my reason for weeping will not go to past. Then on, i shall never shed a tear, to savor the wasting of my feelings.....

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