Framing Hanley

February 26, 2010
By mcrfhgirl4ever GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
mcrfhgirl4ever GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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Music is a big part of my life. My love for music has me play and listen to different kinds of music. One of the bands I listen to is Framing Hanley and their remix of the song Lollipop. I love all their music.
The song Lollipop is a remix of the one by Little Wayne but instead of rap it's hard rock. Kenneth Nixon, lead singer of Framing Hanley, convinced his band to do the remix. Nixons voice, accompined by electric gutair and drums, makes this one of their best songs.
Framing Hanley is a up and coming band with a passion for hard rock. I believe that their remix of Lollipop and their new album, A Promise to Burn coming out March 10th, will put them on the charts. Here's a word of advice to anyone who likes Rock or Alternative, listen to this band because they will have you from the start and you will love them always.

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