How to Survive Long Lunch Lines

February 25, 2010
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Are you exhausted of those lengthy, tedious lunch lines? Well, I have some tips for you! This will tell how to stop waiting and start munching! There are six important steps you have to follow. This is How to Survive Long Lunch Lines.

First, you have to spot the right table. You have to regard where the teachers are standing because that is most likely where they are going to dismiss. Find an open spot or two so you can sit there to be the first in line to be dismissed. The number one key factor in getting first in line is staying off the radar. Lay low and try not to be noticed.

Then, sit at the table you thought that would be dismissed first. Quietly sit down at an open spot. Act casual, so you won’t get as much attention. Be polite because you don’t want people telling on you or making any ruckus.

Next, you are going to have to asses the situation. Look at the teachers that are dismissing and notice which end of tables they are starting from. Sneak closer to the tables that are about to be dismissed. Try to blend in with other tables that are being dismissed. For example, when people get up, try to sneakily hunch over and get up with them, so the teacher thinks you are sitting at the other table.

Then, sometimes you will have to handle getting caught. Your first choice would to say that you were going to quickly sit with some friends, and you wanted to get your food, fast. Your second option is to be honest; honesty can never hurt. Your last resort would be to slowly stall for time and make up your own excuse.

The fifth step is to BE PATIENT! If you don’t get to a dismissing table soon enough, DON’T GET IN LINE! Just wait for the lines to clear; they will eventually. Chat with some friends to pass the time.

Finally, its time to get your food! Patiently wait until there is only one person in line to get your food. Get in the line and only wait for 30 seconds to a minute to get your food. Tell the cashier your student number or have them scan your I.D. card, order your food, pay for your food, then chow down right away!
When you are down in the dumps about waiting in line, always remember these tips. It will help improved several things. For, example your hunger will be lower, your time will be less wasted, and your overall mood for the day will be a lot happier. So, with these hints and tips, surviving long lunch lines will be a piece of cake!

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