February 22, 2010
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Walking in a room or just walking down the streets and in the book Blink Malcolm Gladwell states that there is no way that we can stop the subconscious from judging people. Does that mean it is okay to judge people? We judge people in many ways such as, how much money they have, how they look or what race they are. People also judge how athletic someone is or how smart they appear to be. Nothing good comes out of judging people before we get to know them better.

If we judge people by how good they are at sports we are not looking at all of the other good traits that a person might have. An example of this is Tiger Woods. If we just judged him on how good he is at golf, we would not see the kind of person he is outside of golf. I am not saying that the public should not know about the bad stuff he does outside of golf. I am just saying that the public does not need to know all of the details that we do know. Mark McGuire was a great home run hitter and if he was judged only on his baseball he would be thought of as a great player. When people found out what he was doing outside of baseball they lost respect for him and think that he is no longer the great player they thought he was. In contrast to tiger I think that the public should know about mark, because what he did had a lot to do with baseball. People are not only judged by how good they are at sports but also by their looks.

A person can get places with good looks that another person might not be able to get to. Sometimes good looks are required for a job like an actor or actress. If we went just on looks we might overlook someone’s potential as an actor. So that is why it is important not to always judge people on the surface. Just because someone is six foot five inches tall does not mean that they are good at basketball. That seems to be what some people think.

So nothing good is coming out of judging people. You might miss a chance to meet someone that you would be good friends with. No one can have too many friends, and if you end up not liking the person you do not have to be their friend. I am not saying that judging is all bad there are some up side to judging. It will give you a good idea of who you should be around and who are that people that could get you in trouble.
I have had a few times where I have been judged. Like the time that I went down to the lake and we met a new family. One of the boys asked me where I went to school and I told him Barstow. He then though right away that I was a spoiled rich kid who got everything that I wanted, and that is not entirely true. He seemed to think if you go to a nice school that you are spoiled. There have been some times that I have judged people really we all do it and there is no way that we can stop doing it. But there is a way that we meet a person before we decide that they are not nice or they are no good at sports or something like that. Over all I think that judging is a pretty good and bad thing but I think that we should all just get to know people.

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