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February 25, 2010
By NacioRay<3 BRONZE, Barrigada, Other
NacioRay<3 BRONZE, Barrigada, Other
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I might be a fun-sized girl, with a big mouth that could run for days
With a spunky and unique personality and a boyfriend that loves me
More than words could ever explain, but like everyone else I’m imperfect
And this is my perspective on my life, Welcome to it.

I’m very serious and I don’t take life for granted,
I tend to buy things I don’t necessarily need,
I really do complain about how much school sucks,
I don’t try to impress others, that’s why we were all born to stand out,
I dislike people, who act immature and ignorant, it’s plain disgusting
I cuss like it’s nobody’s business, and I regret it in the end
Disrespecting our elders is a big no no,
I occasionally act silly and I’d say its kind of funny
I love my boyfriend to death, without a doubt
I absolutely love life because I know I’m going somewhere
I take pride in my culture, because it represents my island.
People who hate are so embarrassing.
I love acting weird and crazy, it lets me expresses my feelings better.
Being myself is the easy way out of things, I believe.
Music is remedy, it soothes my mind and makes me think better.
I am a huuuuuge procrastinator, yes, I do wait till last minute
I only trust one person, completely.
I love my siblings, although they make me so furious
My parents bring out the best in me and taught me very well
While many are addicted to drugs, I’m addicted to Shoes.
I have a bubbly personality that would keep the party alive
I do not live up to anyone’s expectations, because I have my own
And I personally do not care what others think about me.

I live my life the way I’m bound to and If nobody likes the way I live my life then that’s fine, because everyone is just an appearance in my life and it really doesn’t matter to me.
My life is nothing but extraordinary, simple, unique, different and lesson learning.
I’m open to new things and ready for what the future ahead holds for me.
And you can ask me anything out of the ordinary, I dare you.
I can define my life, can you define yours?

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