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February 24, 2010
People often wonder why life treats them the way it does. Most do not realize that a certain knowledge as old as time exists; a knowledge that anyone can use to their advantage. The reason why this information has evaded so many different cultures and generations of people is because, up until the 20th century, it was a global secret. People either did not know of this law, or they did not believe in it. This incredible gift, which is the root of every problem, as well as every blessing, is called the law of attraction. What is this law, one may ask? The universal law of attraction states that one’s thoughts and feeling are being sent out into the universe, and those thoughts and emotions that the universe receives are returned back to the source, which is a person. Either by doing it by will, or unconsciously, everyone attracts everything they have in their life by this law.

People’s thoughts and emotions are frequencies that are being sent out to the universe, as well as delivered back by it, all the time. No matter what, people have a connection with the universe every single moment they are thinking and feeling. The universe reverberates back exactly what it receives every time. The only “mistakes” people usually argue about when discussing the law of attraction are the ones they make themselves.

In order to fully comprehend the law of attraction, one must consider its three most important components. First, one must realize the history of this law, and how long it has existed. Next, the theories and ideas behind this law must be examined and dissected to fully understand how it works. The last principle one must ponder is how people can use it and apply it to better their lives.

The law of attraction has existed since time began. Many different philosophers, scholars and other important people in history have mentioned it in their written works. “the term, ‘law of attraction’ was firstly cited in a book on esoteric mysteries, which was written by a Helena Blavatsky in eighteen-seventy-seven. Despite its age-old existence, it only started to gain popularity in the Western Hemisphere in the nineteenth century.” ( So, it can now be concluded, this universal law has always been, although not many people have known about it.

As it was stated in the previous paragraph, these principles have been referred to in not only many books over the course of history, but also in many religions. The concept of this law manifests in Buddhism, Hinduism, and even Christianity, to name a few. In Buddhism, the immortal Buddha stated, “we are what we think…all that we are, arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” ( The religion of Hinduism also includes concepts that tell similar information about this law. “Their concept of karma states that whatever you send out in word or actions will eventually return to you.” (

Not only do these age-old systems of belief converse in their texts about the law of attraction; even the Bible includes this subject. Some of these verses include the following: “everything is possible for him who believes.” (Mark 9:23) Another verse states, “whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap.” (Galatians 5:6) Lastly, Matthew 7:7 says, “ask, and ye shall receive.” As one will realize after conducting a fair amount of research on this quite intriguing subject, the law of attraction has been used as well as referred to by members of the human race for thousands upon thousands of years.

This law has also been referred to by many famous people in history. Marcus Aurelius, a famous roman emperor who reigned from approximately 161-180 A.D., included a vague description in his written works, The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. In it he stated, “unhappy am I, because this has happened to me.-Not so, but happy am I, though this has happened to me, because I continue free from pain, neither crushed by the present nor fearing the future. For such a thing might have happened to every man; but every man would not have continued free from pain on such an occasion. Why then, is that rather a misfortune than this a good fortune?” (Marcus Aurelius, 233) Napoleon Hill stated, “whatever your mind can conceive, it can achieve.” ( One of the most famous men in history, Albert Einstein, said, “imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” ( As one can now understand, many people throughout time have known and used this wonderful law.

The law of attraction is a law of nature. In other words, it is not affected by arguments, situations or physicalities. It does not just cease to exist at the end of time. It does not choose who it shall work for and who it shall not. This law will never wear away, nor become obsolete. It is concrete, just like the law of gravity. (Rhonda Byrne, pg. 27)

As stated previously in the introductory paragraph, the law of attraction’s main principles are based upon the attraction of everything in someone’s life by their thought processes and emotions. As one thinks, their thoughts and the emotions they experience accompanying those thoughts are simultaneously being sent out to the universe and returned by it all the time. If a person is constantly focusing on something all the time, and continues sending out a combination of thoughts and feelings, whatever they are focused on is probably likely to happen, because the universe reciprocates back what it receives.

An example of this is as follows: if someone is constantly thinking about something they want, and sending out those thoughts and the emotions one feels when thinking about receiving what they want, the universe “reads” those thoughts and mirrors back to the source exactly what it receives.

One can presume that the more they focus on a thing and the more vivid their emotions and dreams are concerning it, the more likely it is to happen. If the universe is constantly receiving clear ideas and thoughts from someone’s persistent speculations, it will return to that person exactly what it has been given. For instance, let it be assumed that a girl has been focusing on a job she wants. She visualizes working and can already feel her first paycheck in her hands. Because of the clarity of everything she has conferred to the universe, having received clear “instructions” as to what this woman has requested, the universe reciprocates her desires.

People who hear of this truly phenomenal law do not believe that attaining their heart’s desires is really so plain and simple at first. These individuals seem to have bound the imaginative and creative self every human harbors with the chains of the world’s standard way of life. They have been taught by modern society that the only things in life that are true and concrete are things that can be proven, and seen with the eyes…it is for this same reason that all the books, articles and websites explaining the law of attraction have been written. There are not many people who inhabit this world who know about the law of attraction. How beautiful the world could become if only everyone could learn to take advantage of this wonderful gift that has been given to the human race!

Deep inside every individual is a truth waiting to be acknowledged. This truth simply states that everyone deserves all fortunate things in life. All beneficial things are every person’s birth right. Everyone is their own creator. The law of attraction is a wonderful tool that people can use to create everything they want in their lives. (Rhonda Byrne, pg. 41)

How exactly does a person apply this law to help them achieve their desires, one may ask?? There are three major steps one must take when using the law of attraction to travel on the road to pure bliss. One must first dissect their daily thoughts and emotions, and figure out the difference between positive and negative vibrations. One must be able to eventually change their thought processes and emotional states from negative ones to positive ones the moment it is realized that the frequency they have been giving the universe is not a good one. Thoughts, emotions, and visualizations must be transformed to feelings of happiness and love in order to attract those beautiful things people desire.

If someone is only focused on their lack of (love, money, happiness), they are not sending out good emotions and visions that the universe can reciprocate. The universe cannot tell the difference between good and bad; it simply copies whatever it receives and sends it back. In order to be given their desires, a person must think about only the things they want, and let every negative thought and emotion become obsolete. Instead of thinking about negative things, a person should focus on only what they want. It has also been discovered that emotions like gratitude for everything one has and also for the tings they are hoping for can help immensely with attracting wonderful things in life.

The second step is faith. If, within the mind, there lingers even a shadow of a doubt that they will not get whatever one is attempting to manifest, the universe will read those doubts and send back exactly what it has received from the source (which would mean that what this person was trying to manifest would not come to pass). One must believe and know that they will have whatever they are trying to manifest. It is for this reason that so many people believe that the law of attraction does not work. People change the way they think, and start feeling happier and more grateful, but then at the same time they harbor doubt and it begins to take over them, completely cancelling out the law of attraction.

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