What Matters

February 24, 2010
Life is a series of endless details. If we overlook these we are overlooking the best moments in life. That is why the details, the small things, that make life beautiful are what matter most to me.

Things like the bright blue sky on a crisp spring morning, the smell of the wind off the salty sea. The wind in my tousled hair and the touch of a caring mother. The smile of a young child; the hearty laugh of many. The chatter of a hallway or the silence of a sanctuary. The sound of sweet music and the love of a family. The dew on the morning grass, the bright colors of the flowers in a field, the whistle of the wind blowing through the trees. The way my breath fogs up the glass on a cold winter’s morning. The nice hot chocolate waiting for my return, a rich dark brown of a piece of chocolate and soft pink lips. The feel of a blanket all cuddly and warm, or the soft hug of a father. The stacks of worn books on the shelves in my room, the cards that lay on the table always ready to play.

If you pay attention to details it might take you by surprise how something so simple can be so amazingly beautiful. Next time you are driving in the country, or eating dinner with your family, look around you and memorize every detail; the smell, the sounds, the colors, the feelings. So when you grow old you can always remember the things that matter most to you in wonderful detail.

As Sivananda says, “A mountain is composed of tiny grains of earth. The ocean is made up of tiny drops of water. Even so, life is but an endless series of little details, actions, speeches, and thoughts. And the consequences whether good or bad of even the least of them are far-reaching. “

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Parfunkel1977 said...
Feb. 27, 2010 at 9:44 pm
This is a great article! The author had done a great job of exposing feelings to others.... well done!
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