Teens: Are they growing up too fast?

February 22, 2010
By mahroosahaideri BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
mahroosahaideri BRONZE, Kansas City, Missouri
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The norm of society is now evolving. More and more teenagers have fixated their minds into looking just like celebrities. Teenagers are obsessed with looks, whether that is the shape of their bodies, their height, or their features. When girls see celebrities they yearn to be exactly like them.

Looking and acting older, teens have started to grow up too fast. Wearing obscene clothing and applying unnecessary amounts of makeup make innocent girls look more mature. Parents are a major influence as well. From a young age, some parents enter their kids into fashion shows and pageants, which can cause a child’s mind to revolve only around beauty and fashion.

For instance, ten year old Sasha engrossed with her looks, when her mom began entering her in beauty pageants at the tender age of three. Now she is a regular attendant at her local beauty salon, getting her nails done and having spray tans and hair extensions. On the same matter Carley, a 15 year old, has been getting regular tanning sessions everyday of the week and has become addicted.

From these examples girls get inclined. The American Academy of Pediatrics, reporting on a survey of 5th through 12th grade girls, found that the majority were dissatisfied with their body shape, and therefore went on hunger strikes to make themselves appear thinner. Doctors say results that results show that the ratio of thin girls is higher than of obese. They are also saying girls trying to make that perfect body are eating have the amount of calories in a day than actually needed.

I researched a lot on this topic and during school we watched a video over evolution that we viewed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYhCn0jf46U, this is the video link. This is what inspired me to write this essay. Although I already knew the basics, I wanted to find out more.

However, girls need to understand that on the cover of every magazine, is mostly a women whose perfect face and body are all fake, it is digitally manipulated on the computer been photoshoped.

This issue is seen concurrent in guys, too. Sometimes, boys need to look thinner because of the sport they are trying to play. They need to stay in shape to make the Varsity, but they often get bullied for being too fat. This trend is occurring around the world and we should put a stop to it. We all need to understand one thing; apparent beauty is only skin deep, and the beauty of one’s character, nature, and personality, bestowed by our creator goes a long way and is worth working on.

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