Understanding A Computer

February 16, 2010
Understanding a computer is easy. The main parts of a computer are the tower, motherboard, power supply, DVD/CD drive, hard drive, graphic card, sound card, fan and the monitor. Wait for it to load and then just point and click. I can’t figure out how some adults can’t use a computer. Maybe it’s because in their time they didn’t have this kind of technology that we have today. Some people are so good working a computer that they know how to make software, hack Microsoft, and even work for the top of the line computers that they made. Some people learn quickly and some don’t.

The main thing that you need to get your computer working is the tower. The tower is the box shape that has all the goodies. The main thing that is used a lot is the motherboard. The motherboard is where most of your connections are plugged in to. To be able to turn on the tower, you need to have a power supply. Without the power supply the tower won’t turn on. Then you have a drive for DVD’s and CD’s. You can’t forget about the hard drive. The hard drive is where you put the software into. You also have a graphics card and a sound card. A graphics card displays the graphics that you need to enable you to see the pictures on you monitor. Then you need a soundcard. A sound card lets you listen to sounds on your computer. For example, you will be able to listen to your iTunes playlist or listen to a video on YouTube with a sound cared. The last thing is the fan. A fan makes your computer keep cool and not over heat. Put all of this together and you get a computer. Without the tower you would just have a monitor.

The monitor is what makes you see your programs that you are running. Monitors are just like TV’s. In fact, some people even use a TV as a monitor on their computer. Monitors start at around nineteen inches and go up all the way to around forty-two inches. I don’t know why you would need a great big screen like that, but some people do.

Put all of these things together and you have a computer. It’s not hard to know the basics of a computer. There are computer classes for those looking to gain knowledge on computers or technology.

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