February 19, 2010
By emmure_67 SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
emmure_67 SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
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Abstract Noun
The thousands shades of blue and green engulf me as I plunge into the great abyss of the sea.
The lightest shades of blue decorate the top of this world. Nothing but black is visible towards the “ground” of this landscape. As the weight of my body pulls me down I see the giants of this world, aimlessly wandering through it without any care for its microscopic neighbors. But alas all I see of this behemoth is its shadow. Its calls bring about a sense of peace within. I see nothing else for minutes until this great blur of scales and bubbles flies past me. At first I remember the behemoth. But its millions of tiny fish that form this giant creature, like as in some honor to a forgotten god. They jump into the blue covers of the ocean. I am alone again but happy. I start to see brilliant masterpieces of art dot the floor. “It’s like art has become alive and aware” I say to myself only to remind myself that I’m the only one who speaks English here. The art sways with the current its features darting from one portrait to another. The collection here is larger than any museum could even dream to aspire to. I sink even more to the display. And I realize that the visual display that is ongoing before me is made up of millions of creatures. Not even harmoniously moving together but chaotically interchanging positions creating a moving canvas of colors. It fades away to reveal an army approaching. An army of all the horrible nightmares and terrors that this world brings with it. Blood enriched waters blanket the arrival of this beasts, ranging in size from the gigantic Killer Whales to the deadly parasites and diseases that these waters mask from the world. These mythological monstrosities invade my mind and massacre any reason and comprehension that tries to arrest these horrors from the modern world. Successful in their assault, I drift down into the depths. Fading in and out of life this simple light catches what remains of my mind. For what seems like an eternity, I wait for the light to draw near me. When it finally does it illuminates this barren backdrop to this creature’s life. It is the only one I see, as a matter of fact it is the only thing that I see. Nothing but this scarred and battered fish, and darkness. There is ever more encroaching darkness as the scales and fins draw near. The traces of light disappear completely as I become a part of this seafarer and also part of this infinite cycle of life.

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