February 11, 2010
By arkansas94 BRONZE, Pottersville, New Jersey
arkansas94 BRONZE, Pottersville, New Jersey
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Don't ever say that you can't do something because you know that you can.

The world of fashion is helpful for everyone. For example at Teen Vogue, they send out magazines every other month helping girls find what they are going to wear to school. You can make an ultimate fashion statement with what you wear. Some people are really into fashion and others are just not happy with it. There are some people out there that would love to be in designer clothes but they just can’t because they can’t afford them. I feel as if fashion should be affordable for everyone. I love to stare at the windows in New York City, where all of the outrageous clothes are. The way I see fashion is that things will come and go but fashion will always be fashion. Fashion is just like art you can make different things with it. You can turn it different directions and see the possibilities. I have come to find fashion to be very interesting because as the years have gone by old things have become the new thing.

In fashion you learn to take risks and not to be too serious about what you are wearing. Some people have discovered the new thing and they don’t even know it. No matter if you are a teen trying to be faboulous in school or a mom trying to be cool, fashion will be what you choose it to be.

The author's comments:
The reason why i chose to write this is because i felt like this has never been told through an essay.

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