Killer Coconuts- a Comedy Sketch

February 10, 2010
By WriterGirl95 SILVER, Kinnelon, New Jersey
WriterGirl95 SILVER, Kinnelon, New Jersey
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I would like to say how weird it is that the average person is three times more likely to die because of being hit in the head with a coconut than from a shark attack. That sounds pretty dangerous to me! So, why are there movies about killer sharks, but no movies about killer coconuts? I'll tell you why: Because a shark looks a heck of a lot scarier than a coconut does! I'm sure if coconuts had rows of pointly, little teeth and a thirst for human blood, they'd be much more feared. But seriously, sharks get wayyy too much credit for their own good. Sharks can function perfectly without brains.They can still hunt and swim do all their shark stuff without one. What's a phsycho killer good for without a brain?! (That's all Jaws was- three stupid men in a rickety boat, with a deathwish and a phsycho killer with gills! Hmmm. . .I wonder how this is going to end?!) But really, I've never seen anyone run from a decapitated phsycho killer. That would look awfully stupid, wouldn't it? I'd think so.

The author's comments:
I'm making fun of the death statistics, because though the coconut to shark attack ratio is true and I thought that would make a funny story.
I hope you like it!

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