The Turquoise Napkin

February 9, 2010
They were in love, high school sweethearts, but that one hot, fall day was the last day they would see or talk to each other, or so they thought. It was 15 years later and time for the High School Reunion, she didn’t even think of seeing him since he hadn’t like social events. She entered the room, where the event was taking place, and everyone stared. She went straight to the people she knew she knew, because everyone looked so different. All of a sudden eyes went to the door and then to her. “It couldn’t be,” or so she thought. He didn’t go straight to anyone, instead he went to the table where her name tag was and left a turquoise napkin; as she went to her spot to eat, she noticed the napkin lying in by her name. She looked puzzled, because the color scheme of the reunion was black, white and red, so the turquoise was weird, so she picked up the napkin and immediately saw the writing, she began to read.
“I am writing this on the back of a turquoise napkin, because when I think back 15 years all I can think about is us. I still remember your favorite color, your favorite food. I remember every little thing you told me, maybe not by each detail, but I remember. I don’t like coming to these types of events, but the day we went off for college it did not end the way it should have, so I am trying to fix it. When I told you I didn’t love you, that was a lie, I just wanted you to go to college and live happy. I tried calling your old number, but I guess it was disconnected. I just want you to know, even if I am too late, I still love you.” Love me.
She was in tears, and as she looked she saw him standing around talking to his high school friends, and as he glanced up he saw her smiling, he smiled back. They met each other in the middle of the dance floor.

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