Fear of Success

February 17, 2010
By Nabsj BRONZE, Muscat, Other
Nabsj BRONZE, Muscat, Other
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They say the first step is always the hardest step. But what they forgot to mention was the first step is the beginning of success.
As normal human beings, we are afraid to take this looming first step. Rather, we want it to be easy, so we never have to deal with failure.

Our fear of failure is its unknown ending and rejection. And in the face of failure, we forget the feeling of happiness after our success. However, once we begin, our motivation drives us forward and we realize that our fears were unwarranted. Just as when a baby learns to walk, despite the encouragement from his parents, the child is afraid of falling and worse, disappointing his parents. However, once he starts walking, he never wants to stop. Soon he is running around the house, never wanting to take a rest, or go back to crawling.
The same goes for journalists, it’s hard to begin writing, having to think of a topic that will interest readers, one that can be published, and will not insult anyone. Once their article is published and they receive positive feedback, they forget about their fears and enjoy the taste of success.
The thing is, whenever we want to accomplish anything, we need only to focus on the process rather than the anticipation of failure.
So, in order to overcome your fear of doing, you should get over the anticipation of potential failure.
Remind yourself.
Always remember the times you succeeded and once you remember it, you will want to live that moment again.
Confront fear.
Find out what you exactly fear.
- Is it failure?
They say “Failure is the mother of success.” You might fail once, twice, or even hundred times, but never give up. If everyone gave up so easily, we would still live in the dessert, no internet connection, nothing.
No inventor succeeded the first time or even the second, rather they spent their entire lives inventing if even just a thing.
Remember, no one fails, until he gives up.
If you got rejected, do you fear it? Take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in your ear to wake you up and get going, rather than retreat.
-Unknown ending
Do not fear the end. While the end may be bitter sweet, you've worked hard and your hard work will always pay off. It may take time, but it will always pay off
And now, stop being a chicken and take the first step to bloom!

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