February 16, 2010
By pmulvey SILVER, Houston, Texas
pmulvey SILVER, Houston, Texas
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I am just like any other teenager, wanting my independence from my parents. I struggle and fight to get my freedom, but I know I am not ready for it yet. I feel that I am right all the time and say I know everything but realize in the end that I do not know what I was talking about. I try to take on bigger tasks than I can handle and end up running back to my parents for their help. As you can see I’m the average teenager, but what sets me apart is the fact that I learned early to listen to my parents’ advice.
I go hunting with my father all the time. We lease a ranch in Uvalde, Texas and spend many nights there. My father and I make campfires and just talk. One talk I remember vividly is when we talked about friends and popularity. The advice he gave me was “Popularity will not last, but your friends will stay with you your whole life.” I still hold this advice to heart. At home I put up this act that I do not need their advice or your help, but when we are there I am completely open to my father’s advice. I feel like I do not have to wear the veil of the typical teenager there as I do when I am around friends. I love going hunting with my father not for the thrill of killing a big buck, but for the great memories, incredible advice, and the quality time I spend with my father. My father has shaped me to be the person I am today with his advice he has given me. A good friend of my father has a son that said this great quote that I still remember to this day. He said, “My father got really smart between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five.” My father is truly a smart man and gives great advice. And so, I end with this advice; listen to your parents more often for their advice they will give you comes from experience.

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