February 16, 2010
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Money! That word is the one thing all people care about. In some places you are judged by how much of it you do or do not have. With everyone having such feelings for money it causes some to become greedy,and that's what I'm going to talk about. Greediness,in my opinion, is wanting more than a person needs, and not just with money,also land, power, and people. By definition greed is excessive or reprehensible acquisitiveness. Pretty much the same as my opinion with bigger words.
Throughout history greed has always been part of the situation. Leaders of ancient worlds always wanted more land to call their own and people to control. Think of how many wars could have been avoided if greediness wasn't a part of human nature. Take possibly the greatest war of all time, World War II,for example. If Hitler wasn't greedy, and didn't want more land, more power, more people, and more control everything could have been completely avoided. What it basically comes down to is the kings wanting more power. The problem hasn't gotten smaller or gone away throughout time either. We have government officials today who lie and steal money and get away with it, and wars are still being fought over power and land. It makes you wonder if there was no such thing as greed what would the world be like?

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ieatasshole said...
Apr. 6, 2010 at 2:25 pm
This article is BAD FUCKIN' ASS!!! keep up the good work my fellow brotherin. =)
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