February 16, 2010
By hallie BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
hallie BRONZE, Macon, Illinois
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Relationships between girls and guys can be evil. Evil in the sense that many feelings are involved in relationships with young, naïve individuals. Love is a powerful thing that can be wonderful, terrible, or it can be abused. It is crazy how one person can make you have so many feelings at once.

When we are young, we often fall for someone very quickly and often very hard. What causes problems is the one you are with may not have as strong of feelings towards you as you do towards them. If this happens and you are too attached, it can break your heart. High school relationships can change fast; people frequently change their minds about who they do and do not like. Therefore, this causes relationship problems. Many breakups arise from too much stress and arguing taking place. Often it is all your feelings, or not enough.

Teens experience many broken hearts and then also the heart ache from doing the heart breaking. Because of these problems, some young adults never get involved in a relationship after they have had one that failed. This sometimes leads to random hook-ups, loneliness, depression, and a bad reputation. The unfortunate thing is many are too scared to try and find the love and happiness they once had. On the other end of the spectrum are the people who continue to fall hard for someone over and over, repeating the cycle of heartbreak, bringing on emotional issues.

Love is a tricky thing to figure out. Love can be bad, but at the same time amazing. It can make you feel as though nothing else matters and that life cannot get any better. People who find the one that makes them feel like this should keep a hold of them the best they can. Furthermore, no one should waste their time with someone who does not make them happy, it’s not only pointless for you, but you are also leading the other person on. Life is too short to have regrets.

All in all, love is a serious thing. It can be amazing or awful, depending on how it is used. The easiest way to put it is, it can be very bipolar and no one knows what can or will happen.

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expiriences in my life and seeing how people act have inspired me

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