Is It Worth The Consequence?

February 15, 2010
You have your own private life, away from your parents. A major one is your relationship with your boyfriend. You parents forbid you to be with him and yet you do. You sneak out every chance you get mostly late at night. Your parents have been confronting you for three months about grades slipping, major exhaustion, and a changed of attitude. You reply with a lie that subject is getting harder and just being stressed out. One summer evening you climb back into the window of your room, from seeing your boyfriend, and you see your parents with angry faces. You did not want to disappoint your parents but you once again lied. Your parents did not buy it and knew exactly what was going on. You are in trouble than you would have been if you just said the truth. Lying is deliberately saying something untrue or to say something that is not true in a conscious effort to deceive somebody. Even though no one wants to be lied to we do it to other for our own benefit and safety. Lying may prevent unwanted reactions and save yourself from trouble, but there is a time to admit what you have done is wrong and it is better than being secretive. Lying to your loved ones is so powerful because it can cause you to feel guilty, lose trust from peers, and end up believing your lie. Even though lying may be the easy way out it is the worst in the end.

As the lies keep building up, the guilt increases, sadly there is no way out without exposing the truth. For example, I lied to my mom about going to an after school tutoring session for math and instead, I decided to be sneaky and go to my friend’s house and watch TV. He lives right across the street from school, and I thought it would not hurt if I could just come back to school and pretend nothing happened. I got picked up, and my mom asks what I learned at tutoring today, so I tried to make up a pretty good answer. She said how proud she was of me keeping my grades up and taking the responsibility to my school work, I felt so guilty. For once my mom was proud of me, but proud of something that I did not do. Even worse I still continued skipping tutoring until the school year was over. Tiger Woods experienced the same thing, for so many months having secret affairs. He kept on lying to protect himself, the women he was with, and his marriage. Instead his truth got exposed trough out the entire world through one car crash at 2 am, and it ruined his reputation and career. He never felt so guilty in his entire till that point in his life. If the situation is wrong, do not do it to avoid trouble in the long run. Lying and hiding from the situation will not solve anything, only make things worse. The guilt feeling is something avoids, and it starts by not ling and doing what you are supposes to do.
Trust makes us feel safe with the people we are around. When you lose that trust it is hard to gain it back, especially when you lie. You are basically telling stories about your life to get the attention you desire, and once you peer’s find out that you have been faking your life to them, the rust vanishes. Take a situation from my life, I had no guys who liked me in elementary school and I really wanted to impress my fascinating crushes. One of them came over for a play date and we had fun playing in the park, easting PB&J and goofing off. I really wanted to impress him so I told him I was a model. Of course he did not believe me and I told him I have pictures. He then believes me and the next day at school everyone wanted to see pictures, and I got scared because I did not have any. Soon it got to my teacher and she wanted to see too. When I got home I thought in my little brain of mine drawing a picture will do it. I drew one stick figure of me in a red dress, with a sun that had a smiley face and brought it to school. During show and tell I broadcasted it and everyone laughed at me and my teacher seemed puzzled. I was embarrassed and had no friends for the rest of the year due to a lie that broke everyone’s trust. A common topic I hear my mom and her friends talk about is how Obama is losing everyone’s trust. We voted him to be our president hoping he can change our country. He said all these things that he will do and we put our faith, trust, and hope in him. Now he still has not done anything to help our country. My mom and her 20 girl friends dislike what Obama has done. He said things and does not do them, they believed he has lied to get his place as president, thus they do not trust him and want him to be our president anymore. Telling stories about your life or lie about what you are going to do in the future will not make people like you for who you are, only for that character that has the same name as you. When the truth gets out no one wants to be with a liar, especially elementary scholars who knows what is right and wrong. Later you feel insecure and lose that safeness of trust. Lying will break the strong trust you share with people you care about.
There is also a rare case when you lie so much not only do others around you believe it but you believe it as well. You want something so badly, especially the attention, you imagine what you want and it comes right out of your mouth and without saying or thinking that oops this was a mistake, you go along with the flow. A friend of mine did ballet from kindergarten to third grade, but she was not good so she quit. In middle school she met a friend who devoted her life to dance, and she wanted to feel accepted by her new friend, so she told her how she devotes her life to dance as well. She goes home and does research on different dances and show off her knowledge to her new friends the next day. She believed it so much she said she goes to a dance academy in Berkley, writing her dance life in personal surveys, school reports, interest pages on web sites, and audition applications. She realized the guilt she has put herself into, the trouble, the fear of being trapped and losing her new friends trust. She has two choices, expose the truth to everyone or keep on lying. She chooses lying, and she really believes it, she does not want to admit she is lying. To this day she still does and it is unbearable to watch her suffer in the inside. A celebrity who did this was Michael Jackson. I respect him and am sorry for his death but he believed he was white when he was black. In his early age he really wanted to change his skin color so he would lie to himself and his family until the day he got surgery to change his color to become white. HR decided not to call himself black but white, yet he did not turn down his family and deep down he knew who he truly was. His family supported him through the years till 2009, sadly since he changed people turned him down. Being trapped in a permanent lie is much harder than admitting the truth. It avoids problems like this and overall lying is bad.
Lying can be very powerful and can impact you life greatly. Even though you may be safe for a period of time the side effects and consequences are harmful and can last longer than the time you can hide the truth. From my experience I believe lying is wrong and has no benefits it the long wrong, it is better to admit what you have done in your life and your mistakes. You accept what you have and learn from our choices, you will live a much happier life. To my audience the message is lying is bad and can cause major damage to your life and to your peers. Do not lie, say the truth.

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