Is it really necessary to judge others without getting to know them?

February 13, 2010
By , mississauga, Canada
I hate it how many people have the nerve to make fun of others, whether it be because of their background, appearance, or the way someone walks, talks and well basically anything! Honestly, a lot of people are really immature. For example, in history class we were reading about Sikh people and how they came to Canada in the late 1914's, and some rude immature kid thought it was funny that a guy was wearing a turban, and his name was "Gurdjit Singh". Seriously, what the hell?! I, myself am a girl who comes from an east Indian background, meaning I am Sikh, and you will not believe how angry I got when I heard them laugh. I really don't find ANYTHING funny about that, and even if I wasn't Sikh, I still wouldn't find that funny. Obviously, the person who thought this whole thing was humorous was one of those students who come to school to seek attention from their peers.
Sadly, this is not the first time I've heard someone making fun of another person’s background. This is all due to stereotyping. We have all heard of stereotyping and we all use it. The most popular stereotypes are "Asians can't drive well, since they have small eyes". “All African Americans must be gangsters". "All white people probably eat hot dogs and fries". "All Brown people smell and eat curry". Just typing those stereotypes make me feel disgusted. Those stereotypes are definitely NOT TRUE. Sometimes, I wonder how one can judge another without even getting to know the other person! Has that person even thought about the other person’s feelings? And what makes it alright for them to make fun of someone just because of their race, appearance, the way they talk, walk etc etc!?

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