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February 12, 2010
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I always read the same type of book, or the same book over and over again adn always looked for a new book to read. My Language Arts teacher then recommended Sara Dessen. Oh great i thought, teacher recommended. But i always wanted a new book to read. So I picked up The Truth About Forever. The cover immedialty caught my eye, how the pink daisy was in focus and the rest wasnt. The Truth About Forever really helped me with my writing.
Sara Dessen uses amazing details when she writes and i can picture the setting so well. It makes me feel like im right there with her in the book. I wanted so badly to become a good writer just like her. So from then on when I wrote i would think back to The Truth About Forever and how Sara describes everything in such detail, so i tried my best to do the same. Now when i write my settings are clearer.
I felt like i knew the main character, Macy when i read the book. It was like Macy had become one of my closest friends, sometimes even closer than my real ones. The way Sara Dessen developed Macy really inspired me. Sara made it so almost any teenage girl could feel like she knew someone just like Macy. So when i write i want people to feel as if my main character is their new best friend.
Sara Dessen had amazing empathy in her writing, you could relate not just to Macy, but to how she felt. Teenagers can relate to Macy and her mom, how her mom planned dreams for Macy, but Macy had her own dreams in mind. The way Macy felt when she thought her and her boufriend would be together forever. Most of us have felt that. Teenagers feel for Macy and how she was sick and tired of being perfect. When i write i want people to relate to my writing too, so i try and write about things everyone knows something about.
The Truth About Forever didnt just change my writing. I try and look for new books, and not just read the same ones over and over again. The Truth About Forever taught me writing skills, but it also taught me about myself. How everything isn't perfect and how sometimes flaws are meant to be. Just like writing my first draft wont always be perfect.

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