Down Through All Eternity, The Crying Of Humanity--Donovan

February 12, 2010
By Anonymous

eternal flashing light seeping through this spectral substance...second hand wind following shadows plaguing lives...eternal flashing light seeping through this spectral iridescent substance...plaguing lives...infected minds chow hungrily on knowledge...wanted or not...why yes--that's how it is--that's how you are and i am and we are here and we can't go anywhere but someplace else besides where we are because no other place exists...which is unfortunate because it would be nice to think of another place far away from here that we have never heard of...uncharted on maps...maybe not even in this world but one parallel where people have minds wide open like double doors and window shafts on burning june days...making the world into an eternally beautiful place and building life piece by piece until everybody is atleast content with their unhappy lives and can atleast take satisfaction in the idea that though there are still problems and there are still conflicts...atleast there is no tragedy greater than that of unchangeable circumstances...things we can not help are delt with and the things we can avoid are changed and forgotten about because what was their point in the first place?
and even while i write all this out...type all this out and dictate onto this iridescent spectral subjective plague--is there any truth in all of this beyond these words...mapless in manhattan and staring out into the stars of those you can see beyond the lights and curious as to if this place is really as beautiful and wonderful and interesting as all the characters say it is. could the same be said for all those beautiful cities? All those beautiful people...

"you think that, because you don't know any better..."

its just a word.


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the 5 burroughs

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