Loneliness of Many

February 5, 2010
A big fear of people in the world today is the fear of loneliness and isolation. As we take a look at history and particular events that occurred, we see many forms of loneliness. During World War I, it was not only the leaders feeling isolated or lonely, it was people in general as well. There were many major events that occurred in this Modernist time as well that had a major impact on feelings of isolation or loneliness.

The Stock Market Crash began in 1792, which was before World War I that occurred in 1914. The Stock Market Crash had a major impact on society and its leaders all across the nation. This was just merely the beginning of what is known as, “The Great Depression.” The effects of this particular event in history caused various banks to fail, which helped with many businesses failing, the business decrease caused unemployment, which gave consumers limited power on purchases, and also various other devastating effects took place.

This led to another major event in history which as mentioned earlier, is called “The Great Depression.” This downward spiral in our nation affected almost all countries nationwide. It decreased trade, construction, income, as well as many other factors. Children had to drop out of school at a very young age to work and provide money to help support their families.
This was an extremely difficult time for people everywhere. Many people tend to blame their feelings of isolation or loneliness on others. When in reality, it could just be mind over matter. For example, during The Great Depression many people committed suicide. They were so used to such an ideal lifestyle of providing for their families with no major conflicts involved.
But when the depression hit, people began to isolate themselves as well as their families from society and perform outrageous acts. That is a huge weakness about this particular time is that people would let this tragedy get to them internally. Causing them to isolate themselves and therefore deal with their feelings of loneliness and isolation. I think personally that there is a huge difference between being alone and feeling lonely.
Many people didn’t realize that loneliness is just a feeling. In this time, they were just imprisoning themselves with false beliefs. There are many people that made it through The Great Depression. Everybody goes through what they do for a reason. How they choose to handle it is a battle within one’s self. But overall, loneliness and isolation has a huge impact on society still to this day.

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