Who Should Pay?

February 5, 2010
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Should only people that have money go to college? Did you know the cost of colleges and universities has gone up since 2000? It’s no wonder that people can’t afford to go to college. People should be receiving money from the government to go to college because every person has a dream they want to live. There are three reasons that I say the government should provide money to people that can’t afford college.
The first reason that I say the government should provide money for people who wants to go to college is because the U.S. depends on educated people. I say this because they can be new scientists who can find cures, invent technology, and care for the environment. Another thing is that people who don't attend college won’t be very high-skilled, and they will work the low-wage jobs because they don’t have high skills. The last reason is that the United States needs people who can solve problems and solve mysteries. For example, citizens need organizations like the FBI and CIA for protection and to provide information about what’s happening in our society.
All in all, the government should provide money for people who want to go to college because everyone has the right to get an education regardless of if they have money or not. Also, the people can have a chance to get a career and be what they want to be.

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