Curfew hours

February 5, 2010
By alejandra perez BRONZE, Colorado, Colorado
alejandra perez BRONZE, Colorado, Colorado
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How would you feel if the curfew hours changed? How would you feel young people cpuld stay out later at night even midnight? Wouldn't you like if the age limit of curfews chaanged too? Thehours to the city of Denver are from 5 pm to midnight. Younger people should stay out longer.

Some citizens say that some youngsters, are criminals or do gaing related things. For example, some of my friends can't even go out there. Some kids don't get to go out pastthe time unless they are accomanated by an adult. THe city of Denver should give us the responsabiltiy to take care of ourselves. We kids teenagers my age can't go out and enjoy the night the lights of down town. The reasons are brcause we can't go out past midnight or 5pm. But this is wrong there forcing us to act different ways. So as you can see, the kids also need freedom to de stress and get away from home and enjoy the night. ASlso kids that get out of school late because theyu where taking a test or studing at the library. Also Coming out of practice late maybe from sports programs ect.

So as you can see we need to change the curfew hours. So kids can do all they need to do during the day. Also to give them a little freedom and like I said responsibility.

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