15 Years From Now

February 7, 2010
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What will you become in fifteen years? We all wish to change the world at one point of time or another. In fact, many will exclaim upon the question’s arrival that they will soon do just that. But, always does this dream seem to delay itself with the quotation, “Just one more year and I will,” until that initial dream will diminish into nothingness. However, every century, a person arrives with the quotation, “Very well, I will do this now,” and changes the world for a millennium to come. So, why should you wait until tomorrow to do what can be done today?

Just as many others, in fifteen years, I hope to achieve wisdom and to change the world like no other has before. However, unlike most others, I am willing to start today. In fifteen years this goal may come true. I may gradually become compassionate, with leadership, caring, and understanding to the others around me with the variety of personalities they have. Also, I will help others progress as well hence they do not delay their goals like so many others have done and so they may understand and accept the culture we have.

In fifteen years as I wake and as the familiar burst of light fills my eyelids, I will open the door for the weak, feel compassion for the young, and respect the strong. This is because, I know that I will have once been or will once be those who I help then. I will interact with others throughout the day and will use my intelligence and eagerness to learn in order to solve problems so humanity can live at ease. I will help lead this world towards a peace that has not been seen. No longer will war plague the lands of this world as they have constantly done so throughout history. Most importantly, I will enjoy the life that I have and respect it.

The problems we face are not easy to overcome, but still can be. Many have tried and so many have failed. But, peace is possible and, unlike most, I will start today.

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