Obama's Plans are Good for our Nation

February 7, 2010
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We can all agree that our president, Barack Obama, has spent a considerable amount of U. S. dollars rebuilding and ensuring the future security of our economy. With 790 billion dollars being spent on the stimulus plan alone, we must be extremely careful without a doubt. But, although my opponent may say otherwise, President Obama has indeed used this money well with his bailout plans, health care plans, and his stimulus package.

The main question we must face is whether these plans will actually work and if this enormous amount of federal and taxpayer dollars are really necessary. With this amount of coin, some may prefer to leave the economy alone. However, we must understand, with an unemployment rate of 9.5 percent, I assure you, the consequences if action is not taken will be far greater than our current situation. These financial responses of our president are temporary and may not address everyone’s concerns but are at least definite steps to boost the economy and in general are well made. Along with this, the worry about the current expense is simply an overreaction. People may look at where we are now and not understand how quickly we can progress. It is imperative that we continue these plans and bring our country to its former glory.

The bailout is a very controversial topic. In fact, the key element behind the bailout has always been a controversial topic. The constant resentment of the poor against the hard working rich is truly atrocious. Some may point out that our country has always been based on a system of rugged individualism and where bonuses are a reward for bringing new business to a company. Hence, when the banks make a mistake, as our system has always said, let them fail. But, the truth is, our current system has never been through a time of this magnitude since the Great Depression, where we had a war to our advantage. Without such a war, our country’s economy will plunge even farther if nothing is done. Roosevelt’s hope programs simply will not help us emerge from this crisis. So, as unemployment rises and businesses that would normally be expanding and hiring aren’t, we must accept change and act. If these businesses fail, our economy will be doomed. As a temporary and necessary action, our government must support the companies for the time being so that American jobs are kept and the American economy is preserved. However, this is only a temporary action until our country heals its wounds. Action is a necessity.

Healthcare has always been a large problem in this country. My opponent may say that now is simply not the right time for such a large plan and with already two trillion dollars being spent on healthcare and 46 million people without it this plan will be hopeless. But, on the contrary, because healthcare is such a large problem, we must fix things immediately. Change will only happen in times of trouble. So, while we’re restructuring the economy, we might as well give our country the democracy it deserves and a new height of freedom. Obama’s healthcare plan does not let businesses or healthcare firms control the smaller man by requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions and requiring large employers that don’t offer coverage to contribute a percentage of the payroll towards their employees’ health care costs. Also, this health care plan is creating a small business health tax credit to help small businesses provide insurance and establishes a “National Health Insurance Exchange with a variety of private insurance options along with a new public plan. These plans will help secure the nations future and this we must do now.

The bailouts were created to help preserve the economy while we fix our economical problems. The health care was designed to help the people in continuous troubles. But, the nation is still confronted with one question. How will we really fix these economical problems? The president of our nation has agreed to spend 35% of the stimulus plan on tax cuts and another 65% on government spending. The government spending will be used to create renewable energy sources granting our population with not only jobs, but also materials for the near future. The tax cuts will be spent on those who are in trouble and require assistance. This stimulus bill will save or create at least four million jobs. The bailout cannot resolve our economic issues alone and this stimulus bill may not resolve all the issues at hand but it was a swift and decisive response and is only temporary. In times of trouble, just as the lower class needs to learn to support the upper class, the upper class must learn to give some of their money to help the unsteady future of the common man and provide the common good.

As you begin to look deeper into each one of Obama’s plans you can see a growth like no other. He is producing a change that will help position our country in its rightful place. These actions must not be taken lightly, but must be made. We must support our country in this time of trouble and accept the change that will come upon us.

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