The Imperfection Within Perfection

February 7, 2010
By oakshire24 GOLD, Greenwich, Connecticut
oakshire24 GOLD, Greenwich, Connecticut
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An ultimate goal of the human race is to achieve perfection. The human race has considered perfection in a large variety of ways. The common belief of perfection is a world without war, violence, and crime. In this world every person would be with a constant supply of happiness and with everything they could ever possibly wish for. However, this world is utterly impossible to achieve because it is in fact contradictory due to the human goal setting patterns and the inferior traits within.

What makes life worth living in the minds of the human race? After learning some basic history and current culture, it is obviously clear that human happiness is based upon setting goals and attempting to achieve them. A goal cannot be too small because it is not satisfying enough to the bearer. Hence, goals of most humans are unrealistic and illogical. However, in the rare circumstance when one human achieves goals that are set, they become psychologically imbalanced. They no longer have something to strive for and are hence unsatisfied. This has been clearly shown by many kings such as King Henry VIII, Kings James, and many others who have had enormous power yet do not have a larger goal to fight for. If each and every human received exactly what he or she wished for, there would be anxiety and mass depression, which is certainly not a perfect world.

Also, humans have always had some inferior traits, which obviously create conflicts and crime, leading to an imperfect world. Unfortunately, these traits do not rest within one race or culture as Hitler and others may have believed, but in all cultures and peoples. In order to exterminate these flaws and create a theoretical perfect world there would have to be a controlled gene reproduction and extermination as shown in The Giver. However, once again, if all humans had the most desirable traits, there would be no choices based on a variety of predispositions and no selection of goals to fight for. Every human would simply be following the same path of life. This is not what most would believe to be a perfect world and yet another contradiction. A perfect world, as envisioned by the general public, is absolutely impossible. However, although most of the population may deny this, is it possible that the world we live in is perfect?

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