Betrayal by Nature

January 28, 2010
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Nature seems to betray us with its beauty, in more way than just one. It is ignorant to any lapse of time and is unforgiving to its decay. The only true sense of time it knows is that of the seasons. Though we long for one more beautiful and comforting fall day, nature shakes us from its grasp and silently admonishes us to let go. Though we see it as nothing more than the warmth’s betrayal, nature is attempting to prepare us for the hardships in winter and also its parallel of hardships in life. Reflecting on the lost time and past endeavors is the only way we can take back what nature has stolen from beneath us. In a way, we are rewarded by our reflections with a sublime conclusion.

It is so early that the sun has barely been in the sky for more than half an hour. It’s been long since I was last on the trailers during such early hours. However, I am determined to cherish the beautiful morning and day that will surely follow in dawn’s footsteps. As the sun illuminates all in the path of my vision, I make note of the crystalline portrait the landscape has painted for me in such vibrant colors. I am caught in a temporary moment of oblivion as I am in awe for my surroundings. Atop this hill I am perched upon, I can see a vast abyss of wonder that seems to have been set purely for the sake of my gaze. The warm breath of the wind still tickles the back of my neck instead of taunting me. It has not yet reached the time for the warm temperatures to hibernate. And still yet, those birds I have grown so used to stay put and charm me with their tunes. It’s such a pleasant atmosphere; one which I wish would never end.

Time means nothing to a soul unless its spend savoring those last few moments. The musty smell of hay has long since diminished and those great stalks of corn that were knee-high by the Fourth of July are hastily being harvested before winter sinks down into the deepest depths of the land. My breath now holds an icy tone due to the fact that the promise of the havoc and decay of winter is upon us. The earth is silent as I am, looking out upon its realm. And yet, it screams out with false glory and hope of finding one more remaining day such as this. Soon, this colorful explosion will be obstructed by a frozen winter land. I must savor the last few beauties nature has provided for me in the form of a spectrum of colors and a variation of sounds. I will miss it.

Though it is sometime believed that nature steals what we love the most, it helps us to remain patient through the desolate winter months and dream of that one last fall day. Perhaps, we may someday learn a lesson from nature, but for now, we shall dwell as it is.

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