the secret life of the bees

January 25, 2010
By Anonymous

The book I read was the secret life of the bees by Sue Monk Kidd. The genre is African American and the copy right date is 2002.

In the secret life of the bees there was a girl named Lily she lost her mother when she was four years old. She lives with her abusive father named T Ray. She misses her mother so much that she would do anything to learn about her. Her nanny Rosaline gets in jail and lily run away to save her. They go on an adventure that changes their lives. She meets three sisters that make honey. Their names are May, June and, August. She meets a boy named zack.

I think this book was sad and a little heartwarming. The way she could live her life she was amazing I would have gone crazy. Its show she is strong and independent. This book is a great book I would read it over and over. So I think you should read this book.
The book I read was the secret life of the bees. This is my feels toward the book.

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