Blindingly Hateful

January 23, 2010
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I've lived on the planet for a total of eighteen years, and it still manages to somehow surprise and horrify me how amazingly hateful people can be. They find reasons to hate things, even other people, simply because that object or person represents something they don't understand or irrationally fear.
We're constantly told we're "moving up" or "moving forward", but are we really? Will we ever really be "ahead"? To me, the answer is no. At least, not until people manage to somehow grow up and stop hating things that are different from them.
Take homosexuals, for example. People hate them simply because they either go against the Bible or are "freaks". This year, I've noticed how many people in the world can be complete and utter jerks. There was one point, in my AP Psych class while discussing gays, that a kid started in on how gays had "something wrong" with them and needed to get "fixed". Right next to him was a gay guy - and while I'm not sure if the kid actually knew he was, there's really no reason to say things like that. Another time was after I joined a group against discrimination to homosexuals. And what do people against it do?
1) They join, only to bully and say we're stupid for defending these people because it's "against the Bible".
2) Some idiotic person makes a page called "don't allow gays in school". This is clearly a hate group, and I can only hope it gets removed soon.
My question, though, is how a person can be so blindingly hateful of something that doesn't even have any personal impact on them? I'm all for someone having their own opinion, but I just wish they'd have the decency to leave such disgustingly insulting things behind. It's not like gays are hurting people - they're just making themselves happy like the rest of us. Love should be beautiful in any form that it takes. I don't even care if you're "for" it, but be respectful! There's absolutely no reason to be like that to someone for any reason. How would those people who are so hateful like it if the world was full of gays and barely any "straight" people, and then they were called the "freaks"?
And the nerve of one of the people to join the group just to insult it was shocking to me. His words, and I quote, were "I discriminate against you people all the time." First off, DON'T JOIN THE THING IF YOU'RE NOT REALLY GOING TO HELP OR ANYTHING, and second, "you people"? Clearly, he needs to take a step back and think. I'm not gay - half the people who joined the page are not - but we support a person's right to be happy and live in whatever way they choose as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.
It still shocks me how hateful people are.

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malursy said...
Feb. 12, 2010 at 12:08 am
i completely agree. the people that don't like gays are more inhuman than anyone. they're so mean... and hateful. it's evil to hate someone so much. i think love is beautiful in whatever form it takes as long as it's consensual. ^_^
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