Animal Testing Needs to Stop Right Now!!

January 25, 2010
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For many centuries scientists and testers have used all different kinds of animals to test products. It is estimated that over 100 million animals are used worldwide per year. Over 3 million animals are used in testing per year in British labs. 85% of the animals they use in testing are mice and rats, and some other animals like cats, dogs, horses, chickens, rabbits are used too. The reasons they do it is so they can see if the product will be harmful to humans, and after they are done with the animals they normally kill them. This means that over 3 million animals are being killed per year and I don't want that.

Products can poison the animals and can kill them. Some scientists believe that animals don't feel any pain when they give them the products, but they do and they suffer. Animals react to the product by moving or even yelping. The testers are purposely tormenting, starving, and giving electric shock to the animals. Animals are also being force-fed by the testers and get chemicals rubbed on their skin or dropped in their eyes. Animals shouldn't be made to suffer, nor do they need all those products in their bodies.

The kinds of products the testers use on the animals are household products like Tide, Cover Girl, Arm & Hammer, Neutrogena, Woolite, Glass Plus, more.

Most animals are bred just for testing and other animals are from the pound. The animal catcher catches the animals from the wild and they breed them purposely, which means that they test the animals from the wild including their babies. If they continue taking animals from the wild then the animal population will become smaller and smaller until they become extinct in the wild.

They are killing animals so we won't be affected by the products. Why can't they find something else to test on other than the animals? Well, they did and they are planning to use human tissue to test on and not the animals. Not a lot of the scientists have used human tissue to test the products on yet. They haven't used the human tissue as much as they should because they need computer and simulation software and it is very complex. Only some testers volunteered to replaced animals, but not enough to help the animals. They need to have more companies using the human tissue instead of animals to test the products in order to save many animal's lives.

If you are an animal lover, I'm sorry, but this is true: that scientists do kill animals or even make them suffer. Just testing to see if the household products will not harm humans is not a good reason to kill the animals or make them suffer. If your animal was in the pound and the scientists took the animals from the pound and accidentally took your pet for testing, you would cry once you found out that your pet was taken and died from the products.

I know that it is important that the products be tested before they are shipped to the store, but using the animals for testing should not be allowed. They should be using the human tissue to test the products rather than using animals. Animals have feelings like us and we would cry or even shout for help if we were being tested with so many products.

Please help these animals that are behind bars and suffering from the products. The animals need your voice; they need you to speak up and help them. You can help the animals by joining up with the Animal Saving Club. To join the Animal Saving Club go to this website, When you join the Animal Saving Club you will learn how to support the cruelty-free companies, colleges, and charities. You can also write a persuasive essay to the companies that are testing the animals and persuade them to stop testing and start helping the animals. Also another way to help is to just buy the product that read “not tested on animal” on the label and don't buy the products that animals were tested with. I want these nightmares to be over. Please, I am begging on my knees for you to help these animals.

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orange1203 said...
Mar. 11, 2010 at 12:43 pm
great and moving, LOVED it! i think the scientists arent even being reosanble with all this testing!! i mean do people even need make-up and chemical-clenser, in fact, those are the reasons people are losing money... but the real thing is that animals are being killed by the origins that CREATED THEM! people think they are soo smart but we're the reason this whole thing is happening!!!!
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