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   A problem affecting young people that particularly pesters me is the abundant amount of drugs, especially pot, being taken by teenagers.

Many of my school friends smoke marijuana and it has affected them greatly. Most of them feel that it has not, but their grades slipped a considerable amount when smoking became a top priority. Last year smoking pot became the activity to do occasionally. This past summer, it grew and grew. More and more teenagers were lighting up while pot had taken a backseat to other drugs in the past. At the start of this school year, pot was the biggest issue. Over half of my friends were now smoking all the time.

I was not concerned because I wasn't affected by pot. So many times I asked why they smoked. I heard the same response every time. "It makes you feel so mellow and when you are high you don't worry about anything. Also, you don't get any hangover," said one student.

All my friends who tried pot gave me the same answer. They all asked me to try it so I can "experience the rush." I had no idea what they were talking about since I had never smoked anything in my life. It is not an issue of peer pressure because nobody is trying to force me to smoke. One friend felt concerned about me not smoking. He felt that it was not fair that I just watched everyone and didn't participate. I am the lone survivor not to try pot. All my friends have tried it and another friend said that I will break down by May 22.

Every day in school, I hear at least one story about how one of my friends was high the night before. It has gotten to the point where many of my friends have become potheads and burnouts. They either do not understand or they do not care.

There are many ways to relax or to have fun. It's a problem that annoys me because it is affecting my friends. I am burned when I hear someone say that it isn't addictive and they can stop any time. For some reason I cannot buy that one because many of my friends have repeatedly said they have to stop and they do not. Maybe they forgot to stop or the pot has finally gone to their heads.

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