General Larry Platt: A New Sensation

January 20, 2010
By MrCool BRONZE, Petaluma, California
MrCool BRONZE, Petaluma, California
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Who knew that the biggest sensation of 2009 and 2010 would be already here. And better yet, no one would expect it to come from the hit show American Idol, bit it did. I am talking, of course, about General Lary Platt. Currently living in Atlanta, Georgia; Larry Platt has become famous over his latest hit single called "Pants On The Ground." General Larry Platt has now become an insperation to us all after debuting this song on American Idol, and did I mention he is 63 years old Already, he has been mentioned on late-night talk shows, news channels, news articles, and even appeared on The View! Besides being known for his hit single, Larry Platt has had a eventful past to him as well.

Larry Platt was just among the thousands of contestants waiting in line to audition for American Idol. Hopefully, he knew that he was oveer the age limit, which is 28. But anyways, he still waited hours pon hours, attracting people's attention at the same time. Unlike most people who audition by singing a song that was already written and performed by someone else, Larry Platt had created his own. In this song, Platt rambles off on how all the kids, or "cool cats" are wearing their pants way too low, and how they got to "get 'em on up." Platt has a negative approach towards the kids with their low pants, and exclaims hwo they are "looking like fools." Once Larry Platt had gotten into the audition room, his song had lit up every judge's face, including all the behind-the-scenes people. General Larry Platt's song is not only funny, but true.

You are now probably wondering how someone could come up with such an amazing song. Writer Rodney Ho reveals that Larry was inspired when he saw a guy walking down the street with his pants slipping, exposing his underwear. According to Larry Platt, "He was being disrespectful, so I wanted to embarass him."

There is much more to General Larry Platt than what meets the eye. Besides his new infamous song, Platt had a very eventful history. Larry Platt "is an activist at heart" having marched along side with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960's. When asked about his view ont eh government, Platt said, "I like to help people from being dominated. This should be a civilized state. Everyone should be treated equal.

Larry Platt is already considering offers to get his song recorded. I hope he does, because he would make thousands of dollars, and because he deserves it.

The author's comments:
His song is awesome! So I had to learn more, and share with everyone else.

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