It Was Just a Surprise

January 20, 2010
By tbreed_92 BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
tbreed_92 BRONZE, Norfolk, Virginia
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When I was a little, I always wanted a trusting, and lovable male friend. I wanted to be just like my father, because I loved my father. So when I was seventeen, I thought I met the person I was going to be with for the rest of my life. He told me that he wanted me to meet his mother, and I was very happy, because he had met my family, but I never had met his.

So as I got dressed, I was sitting on my queen size bed, looking into my huge walk-in closet, and thinking, “what should I wear? I can’t look bad, or undressed, this is his mother; I have to look presentable.” So I decided to wear mu long brown skirt, and my knee-high brown boots, with a cream cardigan, and nice laced crème shirt to go underneath. I decided to wear my diamond pendants, with the matching necklace, and a nice diamond pendant bracelet to match. So as I finished laying my clothes out, I wrapped up my hair, and took a quick shower, because I didn’t want to be late.

After I finish brushing my teeth, I came out of the bathroom and lotion down my body, and put on a little dab of perfume. Then I combed down my hair, and applied a little gloss and lip liner; after all, I didn’t want his mother to think that I wasn’t naturally beautiful. So after I did my face, I placed all my clothes on, and took one good look in the mirror and said, “Dang! I look good! Rayne, you always does it right.” So with a second glance in the mirror, I was on my way out the door to my car, in the underground garage. Then I cut on my black Range Rover, I forgot my cell phone and my purse. So I ran back into the house, to get them. I grabbed my purse, and my cell phone, and then I went back to the car.

As I stared the engine to my car, I decided to call my boyfriend Ryan, to let him know that I am coming. And something weird to happened, he didn’t pick up his phone, and he always picked his house phone when he was home, because he never knew it was, because he didn’t have caller id. So I decided to give his cell phone a try, and he didn’t answer that one either. So I said forget it, I’ll just see him when I get there, and if he’s not there yet, the I’ll just let myself in, with his spare key that he gave me for Valentine’s Day.

As I pulled in to his driveway, his car wasn’t in the driveway, so either it was in his garage, or he was gone. I didn’t see his mother car. I thought I saw my best friend Tiffany’s car, but I just figured it was just someone else, with a car, which was similar to hers. So I let myself in the house, and threw my keys on the table, and placed my purse on the couch, and I sat down to watch TV, until he returned.

But then I wondered was his car here, so I got up and went to the garage door to peek inside, and to my surprise his car was inside. So now I started to get suspicious, so I took my phone out of my purse, and gave his cell phone a try, and to my luck, I heard it, but it was upstairs, and I heard a voice just at the moment, but it definitely wasn’t Ryan’s, I couldn’t make out who’s it was.

So I quietly placed my phone down, and tip-toed up the stairs, and I walked down the hallway, with my heartbeat loud as a beating drum. And then I got in front of his door, and heard someone talking, and there it was, I heard my supposed best friend Tiffany voice saying, “I don’t think this should be a surprise, to her, I think we should tell her, so she can let us know what she thinks.” So then I bust into the door, and said “what are you doing here? In my boyfriends’ room?” And they both looked dumbfounded. I looked around and there were a million magazines and binders around, and I was just so confused. Ryan was the first to speak saying, “hey baby, its not what it looks like. Tiffany is here to help plan your birthday party, that’s why all this stuff is up here. And we are up here because I saw you pull in, and I wanted to hide all this stuff before you saw it. Plus, I didn’t have time to call you and tell you that my mother canceled, she has the flu.” All Tiffany said was “yeah, he’s right Rayne.”

And with that I was so embarrassed, I said sorry and ran out, grabbed my purse from downstairs, and was on the way out the door in under a minute, to drive away. As soon as I turned the ignition, I saw Ryan coming outside, and I put the car in reverse and sped away. So I was driving I saw Ryan running behind me, chasing my car, to tell me that it was okay, but it was too late.

I woke up in the emergency room. I was in excruciating pain, and my head was pounding. The doctor said that I broke three ribs, broke my arm, two fingers, and my right ankle, not to mention severe concussion. I must of had a panic attack, and doctors told me that I ran into my best friends Tiffany’s car. Ryan called the emergency room, and I’ve been in the hospital for two days. And just as the story was being told, Ryan came in with three dozen flowers in one hand, and a pot of Daisy’s from Tiffany. Even though the event was over, I still was embarrassed, and I really didn’t wasn’t to face him now. But I knew that he had already forgiven me, or else he wouldn’t have been there.

The doctor kept on talking, and every now and then I would look in the corner of my eyes to look at Ryan. He was so concerned that he was looking at my vital chart, and the machines, and then he lifted up my blanket to examine my body, as if he was the doctor. The doctor finished talking, and as soon as he finished, I told him thank-you, and I had to be sure to send his whole staff a muffin basket to show my gratitude, for them saving my life. Ryan also said “thanks, if it wasn’t for you the love of my life would be dead.”

So after the doctor left, Ryan completely took the blanket off me, and kept on making sure that everything was okay, because he was a surgeon, and I’m sure he wanted to make sure bacteria wouldn’t set into anything. So after the finished his examination, he sat down beside my bed, and stared into my eyes. And I couldn’t look him into his, I started to cry, and he said “Rayne, I love you.” And all I could muster up to say was “I love you too.” And with that, I know he would never make me talk about this again. He asked was I hungry, and I told him that I was, so he left to get me something to eat. When he returned, he picked me up, and sat me all the way over, and leaned my bed up, and since I was on medication, I really didn’t feel anything. I felt like I was floating. So after he moved me, he sat a tray in front of me, and placed some Subway in front of me. He then sat beside me, and opened up my food, and fed me like I was a newborn baby. I told him I was finished, and then he ate himself.

After we finished eating, he told me that my mother came by to check up on me, just before I woke up from my coma. He said she was crying hysterically when she found out. He made sure to personally drive to her house to tell her, and my stepfather.

After about thirty minutes my best friend Tiffany came in, and she gave me a kiss on the cheek, and then sat in the seat in the corner. The tension was thick in the air, even though everyone had forgiven each other. Ryan got up and said “I’ll be back babe, imma let you guys talk… just don’t talk about me,” he said to help lighten up the mood. She said let make it clear that I love you, and I would never betray you like that, we’ve been through way too much.” And I agreed, and so we talked like we used to, until Ryan came back and joined in the conversation.

I already knew that everything was going to be back to normal. Well, that’s until the doctor came back in with my charts, and said something that me, Ryan, or Tiffany was expecting…

The author's comments:
This piece origninated from a poem, to a short story, and now its become a short part of a novel, that i plan to finish writing. I hope that people can learn to let stuff go, and move on.

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