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January 20, 2010
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The final piece is on the stage. The spectacular performance draws to its climactic end. The lights change and flash to the pounding beat of the music. The music so loud and spectacular the walls reverberate to the songs soul. The heartbeat of the patrons synchronizes to the pulse of the music. The climax is here, the music peaks, the audience in awe goes to their feet, the seats below them swing back into place all at once like the wings of hummingbirds. The curtain begins to fall as the final screams break the 4th wall of the stage, then BLACK!
The sole light hanging from the electric high above the stage floor swings slowly with the draft of stale air, illuminating the tiny dust particles, before casting a circle of light on the performing boards below. I sit in the middle of the glowing iris, keeping my body on the inside of the crisp edges. I sit alone, looking out into the dark rows of seats. I can feel the theatre and its spirit. I can dry the tears I see in a patrons eyes at the death of a character. I can finally open my eyes. I am shielded by the walls of the theatre. No enemy or false hope can hurt me. I act and perform for myself. My imagination and love for performing are my audience. They are the show and concert which runs in my head ever second of every day.

The theatre is my place of refuge. I don’t have to hide from anyone or anything there, because I can be or do what ever I want. There is no wrong. There are only dreams and energy, energy passing from the lamps in the light above, from performer to patron, and from heart to soul. It is my love for performing which keeps me going, I don’t have to worry about getting the right job for this, or being in the right place at the right time for that. I am everything I ever wanted to be when I grew up. I am an astronaut, a fireman, a singer, a lawyer, a king. I AM AN ACTOR!

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