February Boston Weather MAG

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   Anybody wondering what a typical iFebruary brings to this area in terms of weather? Normally, temperatures should be about 38E for daytime highs and should drop to 24E at night. However, temperatures have been as high as 70E and as low as -18E since records began 113 years ago.

An average February should also include about 11 days with rain or snow, and 3.7 inches is the rainfall average for the month. How much snow usually falls? 11.6 inches is normal, however, as much as 41.3 inches has fallen. That was in 1969. The most snow to fall in a 24-hour period was 23.6 inches during the blizzard of February 6 -7, 1978. Too bad I was too young to remember!

All these averages come from Logan Airport, which is usually warmer and gets less

snow than towns farther inland. e

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