Grandma MAG

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   Walking up the front steps of my grandparents' house, I remembered all of the other times I had been there, the fun and happy things that we all did. All of the joyous reunions and parties. But today there would not be any parties or joyous reunions. Today was the day of my grandmother's funeral.

As I entered the house, I was greeted by relatives who had happy looks on their faces. What was going on! Why was everyone so happy! Here I was on the verge of tears while everyone else was acting so fake. People told me how sorry they were and how they knew how I felt. I wanted to yell back at them that they had no way of ever knowing how I felt. How could they? They were not me!

After the funeral, everyone went back to my grandparents' house. All my relatives started acting weird again, like nothing had happened. I had to get out. I left and went down the street to the neighborhood park. At least this hasn't changed, I thought. While sitting on the swing I thought back to all the fun things that I had done with my grandmother , like the time I spent with her when I was little and my parents went away on trips. Also I thought about all of the exciting times that we had had , like going on picnics, trips to the beach, etc. Just remembering her this way brought a smile to my face, and I realized why my relatives were acting the way they were. n

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