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   This past summer my family and I moved unexpectedly from Randolph to Andover. The distance between these two towns is only about forty miles, but to me it seemed like I was moving to the next universe. What made it worse was that I had only one more year of high school left, and now I had to end my high school years by starting a new life in a new town and school.

Words cannot describe the fear that I felt that first day of school. I didn't know a soul, and I didn't even know if people would be willing to befriend me. During first period assembly, one of our senior class advisors had all new students stand and introduce themselves to the entire class. I was one of only three. From then on, people knew me as "the girl from assembly." I didn't meet too many people that day, but those I did meet are now my good friends. I have met a lot more people, and have made a few more friends, which I'm really happy about.

I'll admit that moving was not easy , it never is. But I was lucky. I met people who were willing to befriend a stranger and to make my transfer a lot easier. So next time there's a new student in one of your classes, start a conversation with them. You'll be surprised how much they'll appreciate it. n

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