The Rock - Which One Of Your Possessions Best Represents You? MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I have chosen the polished, black rock I wear around my ineck to represent me and my life. Imperfect, hard, smooth, unusual, adamant , these are some words that can be used to describe both the rock and me. The rock and I are by no means exactly the same, but we do have some important similarities.

The rock has a smooth, unmarred side. This is the side everyone sees, unless they take the time to study it closely. But there is a sizeable chip on the back side that breaks up the smooth, rounded shape and feel of the rock. Just like the rock, I have more than one side. There is the side I present every day at school, and then there is the strange, hyper, "Wannahave fun" side. This side is only seen by my few, true friends. These friends, like the person who takes the time to really look at the rock, find that there is more to appearances than you realize.

Another way the rock and I are alike is that we are truly different from others. It is unusual to find such a smooth, rounded rock in the driveway. It has an interesting and unique feel to it too. Like the rock, I am unusual, different and unique. The fact that I wear a rock around my neck is proof enough of this. The fact that we realize that we differ from the rest makes us better. The rock and I. n

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