...Living Under The Boom... MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   a tree trunk, on its side, white.

painted white, smooth, hard, like an arm

BETTER DUCK! missed once, DUCK AGAIN! missed twice

i don't want to be struck

the sheets, a leash, tie it fast

keep it on its leash

STAY DOWN! crouch low, Can i stand up?

SIT DOWN! watch your head, stay alert

always ready, ready to duck, under the tiger, hard white wood

Where are the stripes? always ready

like walking through the jungle

the boom jumps out of the bushes, it's a tiger.

tighten the sheet, tighten the leash, Is the rope strong enough?


Prepare to jibe!

Prepare to die?

Jibe Ho!

Stay low?

yes low, don't die

don't high, STAY LOW!

step up, into the jungle, open eyes, onto deck, hear the cries

Jibe Ho! heads up, watch the boom

LOOK OUT! here it comes, here it swings, faster lower

DUCK DOWN! swings by, cuts the sky in half

rips through the air overhead

just missed

Was it luck?

hope not

Acause here it comes again.

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