A Game That I Play MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Heat beats upon my outstretched leg, and a bug naps undisturbed on my toe. I glance at the sky and through slanted eyes, I view a psychopathic cloud devour another.

A police bird comes to the rescue and pokes his beak through that insane puff of white and I applauded at the rescue. But I am cut short by the stares of the others who wonder why I laugh.

I stick out my tongue and roll onto my side in time to see a bug try to scurry away. So I pretend that my long fingers are the legs of a giant and walk them right up to that bug's behind. "Fee, fi, fo, fum," I whisper as his teeny little world earthquakes all around. But then super fluffy bee puts a damper on my game as he lands in the giant's tracks and that giant scurries quickly into my pocket. Then I laugh and I'm cut short by the stares of the others who wonder, "at what?"

A raindrop falls upon my nose and I look up to see a dark cloud. That's when I wonder if I too am part of someone's game , a game that they play to amuse themselves in a creative way. Is the dark cloud a shadow of some little boy who holds a watering can above our teeny world? And I wonder, when he laughs, is he too cut short by the stares that wonder why? n

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