Baseball Players: Are They Worth It? MAG

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   Is Darryl Strawberry worth $5 million a year? iDoes Jos" Canseco really need $4.75 million per year? How many home runs can Will Clark hit for $3.75 million a year? Can Roger Clemens finally throw a no-hitter if he gets $5.83 million? Are any of these baseball players really worth what they're making?

Some people believe they are. These people are willing to give millions and millions of dollars to athletes who just hit a ball, catch a ball, and throw a ball. These people are also the owners of the Oakland Athletics, the Los Angeles Dodgers, the San Francisco Giants and the Boston Red Sox. Fortun-ately, not all owners believe in the values of these owners.

Most Americans do not think as these multi-millionaires do. Should a baseball player get paid more than the President or a doctor? This is just one of many questions people are asking. Maybe a raise is needed for the President or doctors.

Athletes should get paid more than the average Joe, but $5 million more? Athletes are remarkable people, don't get me wrong. They have talents that the average Joe doesn't. They are role models for the children of today, but the four richest baseball players of today are not exactly the greatest role models.

The Dodgers are giving Darryl Strawberry $5 million a year. This is for a man who had a drinking and drug problem, and an indescribable attitude. The A's are giving Jos" Canseco a great deal of money. This is to a man who gets caught speeding with a gun in his car. The Giants are giving Will Clark $3.75 million to a man who has been know to use racial slurs when speaking to certain people. The Red Sox are giving Clemens an unbelievable amount of money. This is to a man who gets arrested after a fight in a bar. Do you want to become a younger version of these men? I hope not.

The commissioner isn't responsible for the outside lives of baseball players, but he is responsible for their escalating salaries. Fay Vincent must do something about these high salaries. How extravagant a house does one actually need?

As I've stated, not all baseball owners are willing to pay this kind of money. A lot of good baseball players are underpaid compared to these standards. Dave Justice is getting close to $400,000 this season: a man who was "Rookie of the Year" and has helped the Atlanta Braves to a division title. He seems like a real bargain compared to these other salaries.

The reasons for baseball players wanting, or needing, so much money are unknown to me. Maybe it helps their egos when everyone knows how much they make. Maybe clubs want to make sure their so-called "star" players will stay with them. One thing is for sure, however, baseball clubs are going to have to sell quite a few hot dogs, pretzels, and ice cream for the next couple of years if they want to pay the salaries of their "star" players. n

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