January 13, 2010
By Anonymous

The beloved Brittany Murphy died on Saturday, December 20, 2009, after going into a full cardiac arrest. She was found unconscious in the shower by her mother, who called the police. When they got there, they immediately performed CPR, but it wasn’t enough. She was pronounced dead at 10:04 a.m. Some medical specialists think that the young 32 year-olds death was natural, others suggest that it was caused by either anorexia or cocaine, even though she had denied ever trying it in an interview. Perhaps another cause was an overdosing in prescription drugs, because bottles were found all over her house. The drug tests done on her will be back in about six weeks, and that’s when we will know the true cause of this amazing performer who stunned so many.

I feel like Brittany’s death is an extremely sad and unfortunate event. When I first heard about this, I was honestly stunned. How could such a young, seemingly healthy person go into a full cardiac arrest? It was incomprehensible. Then I started to note, that she was a rail thin person. And there had been rumors of her cocaine usage. I think that it seems unlikely that the cause was natural, as some specialists have offered as a reason to why she died. However, no matter how she died, Brittany Murphy will be a very missed person, especially to her family and her adoring fans.

Brittany Murphy’s death relates to the IB health and social question, which is: How can I look after myself and others? This event relates to the question in the following ways: First, it reminds you to eat healthy. If it turns out that Brittany did die of anorexia, I don’t think any of the public would be surprised. Second, it teaches you to stay away from drugs, both cocaine and prescription. Prescription drugs can give you as much damage as real drugs, and I feel like to little of people know that. Those are the ways the article relates to the IB health and social question.

Many people will remorse for Brittany. She was loved by so many. Her death was a tragic incident, whether natural or due to a health problem or drugs, very possibly both. She will be missed and loved forever, and she leaves a painful reminder about why you stay away from drugs and get help if you have a health problem.

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