Why Model Railroading is Good.

January 13, 2010
By ComputerG33K BRONZE, Lititz, Pennsylvania
ComputerG33K BRONZE, Lititz, Pennsylvania
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What is Model Railroading? Why is it important to society? How does it pertain to you? What is involved in running a model railroad, and what skills are acquired through this process? All of the listed questions will be answered throughout this document. Model Railroading is a lifetime passion that requires basic engineering skills, is important to society, and is involving.
Model Railroading requires basic engineering skills. These skills are acquired through model railroading, and all that it entails. This is important because each person will eventually deal with a model, and it helps to understand proportions and structural integrity. In addition to this, it is also critical that the benchwork be of engineering grade, for if the benchwork collapses, then the layout is no more a layout than a pile of parts. Also, the same applies to wiring; if the wiring is insufficient, the layout and other objects near the wiring could ignite, resulting in major turmoil, and hours of work lost. In brief, it really helps if one sharpens up ones engineering skills.
Why is important to society? Model railroading promotes further learning into history, into areas which may have been un-chartered waters in the education process. It promotes responsibility, for it is hard work to repair mistakes and roughhousing done to the layout. Not much of model railroading can be bought prefabricated, so it must be done by hand, meticulously, all of which is quite laborious. How does it pertain to you? Model Railroading pertains to you because it brings back memories of yesteryear; of times since gone by that have yet to come back to us. They only bring back good feelings, and that is what is so desirable in nostalgia.
What is involved in running a railroad? A model railroad requires patience, stick-to-it-ativeness, and time. A typical session of model railroad operation involves removing any protective coverings, cleaning the entire operable track along side the locomotive’s electrical contacts, and a quick visual inspection followed by a physical inspection. Any debris left by the track cleaners is removed, and a final dusting round takes place. At that point, it is safe to plug in and power on the control panel. Most layouts contain a control panel from which all of the trains, routes, and accessories can by controlled. An engine is selected from an armada of silent workhorses ready to perform their duties without a complaint. It then travels a short distance to couple with a consist of cars, and slowly proceed toward the “main line” of the layout, on which the trains will continue to be run. After the active operating session, the engine must be returned to either to the shed or storage tracks from which it initially came from, along with the cars to which it was coupled. The control panel is then shut down and unplugged, and the protective covering is placed back on the layout, from where it initially came from.
In conclusion, model railroading is a wonderful hobby for most every walk of life. It is inexpensive, diverse and educational. Throughout this process, one acquires many skills, including artistic techniques, model building techniques, basic carpentry and electrical skills, three-dimensional space visualization along with logical thought and planning processes.
It proves that people can do what they set out as goals, and that sometimes the best things in life are 87 times smaller than real size. Model railroading requires basic engineering skills, is important to society, and is involving.

The author's comments:
This piece was a writing requirement for our schools English Class, and I feel it should be seen by others.

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