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January 12, 2010
By thomas hanhausen BRONZE, Houston, Texas
thomas hanhausen BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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What does it mean to be reborn? To me being reborn is being changed for the better. Right now affirmative action is dead in the eyes of our nation. It needs to be reformed, it needs to be reborn. I agree with affirmative action, however the points should not be based on income not race or gender.

The proposal of affirmative action was to eliminate racism. However what it is actually doing is creating more racism. Points based on income will not be racist. No one will be offended if points are given for low income. Their will still be diversification because poverty affects all races. Having no money is a tragedy that can affect any one. Also their would be no opposition from wealthy people because they already have the means to buy good education.

Low income affects a majority of the population today. In the United States of America more then 10 of the population is without a job according to the United States Department of Labor, and that number is only razing with this recession we are in. With so many people in poverty how are they going to get a good education. The schools that that are zoned to are most likely run down schools that cant give a proper education. Without help how are they going to raze above that situation. Which brings me to my next point.

If more poor people get better education it would have a ripple effect on the nation, which we would all benefit from. With a good education that will have the ability to gad a good job thus taking the out of poverty and ending the chain of poverty that previous generations would inherit from their parents. With more poor people moving out of the ghetto it would allow that part of town to develop, crime would go down because less people would turn to last resort methods for money like steeling, and it would redoes government spending. Less relief money would go to poor people.

Some may argue that we should just get rid of affirmative action all together; that it causes more problems that it is worth. To them I say they are right but to get rid of it would be wrong we need to reform it. However some would still argue say it is racist to rich people. To say that is selfish, how is it unfair with their wealth they can by the best education, tutor, and most advanced luring technology. How is a person struggling to put food on the table going to be able to pay for tutoring lessons. Any one how says it is unfair is simply lazy and unable to use their wealth for the right thing.

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